ZuneHD on the Big Screen – Why get excited though?

Ok, so Simon from TheDigitalLifestyle.com found this video of the ZuneHD on the big screen, and I will agree, it does look quite impressive. It’s responsive, appears to be in high-ish definition and a somewhat MCE-familiar interface which has been successful for 10 years. But why all the excitement? Is anyone ACTUALLY planning on connecting this device to an HDTV regularly? If the proper Microsoft Ecosystem is: PC in the office/laptop, Xbox360 on the big screen, and ZuneHD to go, then why bother with the big screen?

I imagine this is done mostly for demo purposes yet everywhere I’m reading on the web people are all excited about it as if it’s the holy grail. Look forward to everyone’s feedback on this topic as I’m quite a bit underwhelmed. I still think the ZuneHD is great…just not as an HTPC client/extender device.