Engadget HD Podcast 150 – 08.12.2009

Another week and another feature packed episode of the EngadgetHD podcast with Ben and friends. Lots of things to get excited about this week as we inch closer and closer to CEDIA and the dreams of some great predictions coming to fruition–or being dashed quickly. EngadgetHD We started out this week on a good note, looking forward to exciting things […]

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TrickleStar TV TrickleSaver Reviewed


Phantom power is a legitimate cause to the increase in a power bill, and there are several companies that are trying to win your heart by killing power to units which continue to draw power even when off. Not sure if this is the best one as it has zero surge protection, but the good news is it works as […]

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Boxee gets a $6M catalyst

Some FANTASTIC news for Boxee fans all around, as they have quickly closed a Series B round of funding. The funding is impressive in this climate, but no doubt the investors saw the immense growth that Boxee has accomplished with such a small budget. This should guarantee the continuation and improvement for quite some time–which hopefully will result in more […]

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Redbox files suit against Fox

What a roller coaster ride these last few weeks have been for Redbox, huh?!? They get some huge deals done, and then some bad announcements, and now are suing one of the bad announcement parties (Fox). It’s an interesting point and I’m curious what the result would be, if the judge rules that Fox can keep whoever they want from […]

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Over 40 Million P2P Customers Served


I’m honestly surprised the number is not larger. It’s funny that these reports seem to come out yearly, and then every year the good movies continue to shatter box office records. It is interesting to see some validity to a large portion of society shifting their TV watching to the computer…do you guys think that means HT-PC, or just laptops? […]

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