California Could Ban Big TVs in Next 2 Months

If I could afford or fit one in my apartment, this might bother me a lot more. But still, this is one of those ridiculous things since it doesn’t prevent anyone from buying a television out of state, just means that California loses on the sales tax, and it makes life that much more difficult for the consumer to be […]

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This is the wrong way to install a TV


This was just too funny not to post. It’s unclear when this actual installation was done, but I only hope that it was a long time ago before flat panels were affordable. Or maybe they just really wanted to have some fun cutting out a large section of their wall? If you don’t get the joke yet, click over to […]

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Kaleidescape Responds to Recent Court Rulings, Will Continue Undeterred

This has been a rough week for Real Networks and Kaleidescape which had each of their respective court rulings surrounding their DVD copying technologies go against them. Kaleidescape has responded officially to the court’s decision, and no surprise here–they’re not giving up and will continue the appeals process. In the meantime you will still be able to purchases systems from […]

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Hands On the Netgear MoCA Networking Kit


When I first saw report of a home networking kit that utilized coaxial cable it made such perfect sense. Along the same lines as powerline networking, these MoCA kits leverage the existing coaxial cables already run to most rooms in a house to connect ethernet-based devices. Really convenient if for some reason wireless isn’t as fast or reliable as necessary. […]

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Television: The Next Victim of the Advertising Famine

I don’t find this as big a deal as calling it a "famine" but I do understand that the changes in the world and technologies will require these companies to evolve. The same viewership and money is still out there, people didn’t suddenly stop enjoying entertaining programming, it’s just the method which they digest it which has and these corporations […]

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Home Resurrection Features Grand Theater


Here’s a winner in the $100-250,000 range for home theaters (wow). It’s not my style at all, but I just need to hang out by the bar and I’m good. The color scheme is just a bit too antiquated for my liking.   Electronic House When those curtains are drawn, the homeowners can sit awestruck at their 110-inch Draper screen, […]

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