Zune HD TV Interface Makes It a Media Center For Your Pocket

Contrary to my news posting yesterday, Gizmodo is of the mindset that the ZuneHD is the perfect media player and has a nice video of it in action. I like the interface itself but don’t think this is going to be the way to move your high definition TV files from your actual Media Center PC. Plus, how many people actually connect their portable devices to a big screen? I’ve had my Zune for a while now and can’t say I’ve ever even been slightly motivated to do so. Good marketing at least, right?


Zune HD goes dark when it’s docked, like you see in the gallery. This isn’t like an iPod—once docked, it’s invisible, the power behind what you watch or listen to. The remote is the key. I bopped around, browsing music, scanning for radio stations (that HD has a few meanings, including an HD radio receiver, so you can see the "what’s playing" data and everything) and even watching a short full-screen video on this 60-inch Samsung. The demo Zune only had the one video—I can’t wait to see what it’s like to fill a 32GB one with great movies and TV episodes.