Hardware Review: OPPO BDP-83 Blu-ray Player


Oppo are some fantastic players and at really good prices. My parents have an Oppo DVD player and couldn’t be happier (my dad was a former Sony fanboy), so that’s saying a lot. Read the review and decide for yourself, of course…I’m keeping my HTPC 🙂   High Def Digest At $499, the OPPO BDP-83 is a high-end Blu-ray player […]

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Netflix Watch Instantly on 4 CE Devices


It seems like almost every extender (and even some TV’s) nowadays are including support for Netflix’s Watch Now streaming feature, which lets you stream a large collection of movies and tv series with your included membership. Keep in mind that the quality of the stream is far from HD, so I would advise you make the purchase decision based on […]

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How Retailers Use Lighting To Confuse HDTV Buyers

I won’t hide it, HDGuru is one of my favorite blogs out there. They provide insightful, detailed and very educational pieces, and this one is no exception. I actually already knew this one (phew!) but a lot of people don’t. While everyone is happy with whatever brand new shiny LCD HDTV they end up with, it would be nice if […]

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