How Retailers Use Lighting To Confuse HDTV Buyers

I won’t hide it, HDGuru is one of my favorite blogs out there. They provide insightful, detailed and very educational pieces, and this one is no exception. I actually already knew this one (phew!) but a lot of people don’t. While everyone is happy with whatever brand new shiny LCD HDTV they end up with, it would be nice if they could make the proper decision based on environment. That’s where sites like HDguru and others which review TV’s come handy…so just make sure to read reviews on any TV set before you buy it–remember, your local Best Buy salesperson most likely has received zero actual training on the subject they’re selling.


That’s hardly the case today, with store lighting levels purposely cranked up as much as 50 times typical home lighting conditions. Why the change? Because these intense levels can make the best displays with the blackest black levels and highest contrast levels look inferior to cheaper, lower performance displays. Not surprisingly, this leads consumers into buying the cheaper sets because they think they’re getting as good a set, if not a better one, for less.