Logitech’s Harmony 900 remote controls components behind closed doors

Logitech definitely seems to (finally) be stepping up their game and bringing something to market that might actually "compete" with Universal Remote’s offerings on a more affordable scale.  I was actually considering shelling out the big bucks for a Universal Remote setup, but this Logitech might actually sway me.   The device ships with an IR blaster and two "mini […]

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Roku Adds $8.4 Million In Funding From Menlo Ventures

Who says we’re in a down economy! And remember when nobody thought the little Roku box could compete with all the big boys? I’m happy to see them do so well for themselves, and no doubt that’s a reason why they have been able to stay competitive by continuously increasing features.   PaidContent Set-top box-maker Roku has raised nearly $8.4 […]

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nMedia’s HTPC 2000B enclosure


nMedia has been trying to etch some space for themselves in the rather low volume home theater chassis field. Their chassis come at much lower cost than some of the competitors out there, but it still suffers from some of the same constraints which the desktop-style layout brings to the table. As can be expected, if you’re planning on using […]

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AMD’s 785G Chipset Boards: 780G Evolved


I know a lot of you will (justifiably) automatically rule out the 785G boards dues to their unforgiveable omission of 7.1 LPCM over HDMI, but some of you might still be interested. For those select few, SilentPCReview has a detailed comparison of the ASUS and MSI offerings of their board offerings. The positve news is the boards do everything else […]

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Iron Man 2 Leaked Trailer


I’m not exactly sure where this was shown, but here’s a sneak peak trailer of the upcoming Iron Man 2 which looks pretty phenomenal. Although I’m not so convinced about Mickey Rourke from the clips, but maybe he can win me over when it comes out…in 2010. Argh. Head on over to Gizmodo for the video…at least while it lasts. […]

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