Logitech Harmony 900 – The ONE with RF, Reviewed


The Harmony One was a slick remote, but it left people in need of RF Capabilities stuck with their older models such as the 890 (which is a great remote). It sports a bright color touchscreen and a slick look and feel. After I’m sure what must have been many requests for the feature, Logitech has released the 900 (why the jump from ONE to 900, maybe TWO doesn’t sound as cool) which answers their prayers.



With the Harmony 900, Logitech’s gone to a whole new RF system and has greatly simplified the setup and update processes. The big deal here is that you no longer have to connect the RF module to your computer; you can just leave it setup in your rack or cabinet and choose which components you want to control via IR (infrared, which requires line of sight) or RF from the remote itself in a special RF setup menu.