More Blu-ray In The Immediate Future For Redbox

Good news for fan of the Redbox kiosks in stores nearby, and upping the ante against Blockbuster and Netflix, as they are going to be upping the number of blu-rays in their selections. Staggering to see just how much money those little boxes have made, reporting a profit of $58 MILLION in the FIRST HALF of 2009!!! High Def Digest […]

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Samsung WMG150 Wireless Media Player


Now here’s a unique perspective on extender devices–this offering from Samsung connects your cell phone to your television, and allows you to play content wirelessly. Sound odd? You’re not alone, but my guess is Samsung has some phones they feel would be ideal. The video of it in action is pretty decent, but I’m still far from sold. Tech Ticker […]

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The $1,000,000 Speaker

To anyone who has the money to blow on this speaker, let alone an entire 5.1 setup…  Wanna adopt me?  In all seriousness, clearly, this is not aimed at the home audio/video afficionado, nor even home theater builders.  Impressive, nonetheless.   The Ultimate is a rather large speaker–each one consists of six, seven-foot tall panels. Each Ultimate houses a total […]

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Scythe Top-Down Coolers: Kabuto vs. Zipang 2


If you have been out of the PC Hardware game for a bit, you may not have heard of Scythe before…but they have quickly and *quietly* (get it?) made a name for themselves with quality heatsinks and fans for your CPU’s. What started as giant towers has continued to evolve for all sorts of chassis, so here are a couple […]

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Company Says Subscription Downloads Outperform Pay-Per-View

Another wonderful report here, this one from a single particular site versus an actual research report. But that being said, it does make sense which is why companies are always trying to get you to stick with the monthly charges–Netflix is still doing well, aren’t they? Home Media Mag Subscriptions for online video downloads generate 20 times the revenue and […]

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