Xbox 360 Failure Rate Is Almost 55 Percent

If you are using an Xbox360 as your media center extender this has to give you some pause. I’m not sure I would fully believe the numbers are this high, but nobody will doubt that there have definitely been some problems which Microsoft has tried addressing with fast and simple return process. I should say I have owned 2 Xbox360’s […]

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Silverstone Sugo SG05 and SG06 mini-ITX cases


We’ve seen some brief reviews of the SG06 before, but nobody covers chassis as detailed and well rounded as these guys. In the end it’s a bit dissapointing, but keep in mind these aren’t designed for HTPC usage really but would definitely work. I’m personally not a fan of the appearance but it’s good to see them thinking outside the […]

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Vizio Takes Top Spot in US LCD TV Sales, Again


Sorry for posting this so late, but I thought I already had. No real surprise I think, as Vizio is a very affordable HDTV and has received pretty good reviews for both the products and the company. I was surprised to see Sony still up there, I’m sure continuing on their name-reputation moreso than anything else (if my dad was […]

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TV Behind a Mirror Install, Yes Please!


Now this is slick! I think I recall reading a few years back about a TV that was a mirror when turned off, but this TV is actually installed behind the mirror to add to the already impressive home. And look at that rack!   Electronic House The ceiling is 25 feet high with beautiful moldings and recessed patterns, and […]

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ZuneHD on the Big Screen – Why get excited though?

Ok, so Simon from found this video of the ZuneHD on the big screen, and I will agree, it does look quite impressive. It’s responsive, appears to be in high-ish definition and a somewhat MCE-familiar interface which has been successful for 10 years. But why all the excitement? Is anyone ACTUALLY planning on connecting this device to an HDTV […]

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