Silverstone Sugo SG05 and SG06 mini-ITX cases


We’ve seen some brief reviews of the SG06 before, but nobody covers chassis as detailed and well rounded as these guys. In the end it’s a bit dissapointing, but keep in mind these aren’t designed for HTPC usage really but would definitely work. I’m personally not a fan of the appearance but it’s good to see them thinking outside the traditional designs.



The overall airflow design in the SG05 and SG06 is basic: Most of the airflow comes from the front 120x25mm intake fan, a decently quiet fan when undervolted just a bit. The exhaust venting is a bit more complicated because of Silverstone’s design goal of allowing a gaming graphics card to be used in the case. When such a card is installed, the airflow works fine, although a fan on the CPU heatsink is probably better than none if you plan to push the system hard over long periods. The overall noise level under high load with a gaming card will depend largely on the video card’s cooling scheme; many have fans that get quite noisy when pressed…The more blocked front bezel makes the SG06 a bit quieter than the SG05, but the difference isn’t really that significant due to the noise of the power supply, which is louder at idle than the 120mm case fan — except when when the case fan is run at full speed. The SG06 also tends to run a bit hotter due to the increased airflow impedance of the front facia.