Sony’s OLED TVs Could Be MIA Until 2010


I hope none of our readers were really holding their breathe for these to come this year. OLED, while a fantastic technology is still a ways away from reaching mainstream affordability (or even realistically useful sizes), and word that Sony is pushing back its date should come as no surprise. You can have your .5" thick 15" television, I’d rather […]

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Entire summer TV schedule declared a failure

This was one of those articles I was reading and it struck me as "that’s so true" so I had to post it. My Media Center has really been beyond empty right now, and if it wasn’t for HBO with Hung, Entourage and True Blood, I’d really be starving for some content. TV Squad According to analysis reports, you can […]

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Understanding the Kaleidescape, RealDVD Cases

If you’ve been seeing the recent press surrounding the recent court rulings against Real Networks and Kaleidescape and wondering just what’s going on, you’re in luck as Julie has you covered. She covers some common misconceptions about the court rulings and what the future may hold for both. Hopefully managed copy can come out already and then we won’t have […]

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Xbox Micro Could Be a Great XBMC Client


This is just too cool, but after 6 months of work to achieve this design it sure better be! But just imagine having this little box sitting in your living room with XBMC running on it. Not a bad mod indeed.   Engadget Enter the Xbox Micro, a 1-inch thick celebration of all that is good and holy about the […]

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Alternatives for AV Home Networking


This is one of the most in-depth guides I’ve seen and a great refresher course to anyone curious about the many different ways of networking ones home, as you’re not just limited by CAT5 cable anymore. Several technological advances have been made to extend your network with higher bandwidth besides just wirelessly, such as with coaxial or powerline, and they […]

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