Alternatives for AV Home Networking


This is one of the most in-depth guides I’ve seen and a great refresher course to anyone curious about the many different ways of networking ones home, as you’re not just limited by CAT5 cable anymore. Several technological advances have been made to extend your network with higher bandwidth besides just wirelessly, such as with coaxial or powerline, and they cover them all.



Just a few years ago, home networking using existing wiring was more or less stalled with solutions barely capable of sharing an Internet connection, much less streaming entertainment throughout a home. Pushed by service providers looking to provide HD quality IPTV throughout customer’s homes, many of these technologies have moved forward and matured into fast and reliable standards. For those who are familiar with any older versions of the technology and remember the limitations should consider looking again. They all have the potential to be good options for anyone looking to provide reliable connectivity through a home with a minimum of trouble.