Squeezebox Touch unboxed and in the wild


I really love the fact that Logitech bought the squeezebox a while ago but has continued to innovate it. Every time I hear of a great technology being acquired I have fears of Meedio and Yahoo again. Anyhow, some basic pictures of the upcoming product for your enjoyment.   Engadget According to the hapless owner and photographer, however, it’s stuck […]

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Asus shows its Absolute Pitch series motherboards


News of the death of HTPC apparantly haven’t reached ASUS yet who are continuing to roll out boards geared at enthusiasts. Just announced boards that offer a plethora of features are mentioned here, although it is using the 785G chipset…so while they talk up all the crazy audio specifications of the board, we all know it won’t be including 7.1 […]

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20 Terabyte Dual Tower WHS System Shown Off


Do you desire to have 20 terabytes of storage space in your Windows Home Server box? This user from Automated Home shows off how he did it, very unconventionally. It’s unclear why he didn’t just go with a massive rack server as a lot of the AVS folks would do, but he definitely gets creativity points in my book.   […]

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Enjoy ClearQAM while you can

While this wont have an affect on myself as I don’t subscribe to cable, I was really hoping the FCC was going to stick it to the cable companies and not allow them to enable "Privacy Mode".  Now the cable companies will be forcing DTAs on customers when the could have easily used the integrated QAM tuner integrated into newer […]

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Blu-ray Not Overtaking DVD in PCs for long time

This is an interesting report that I didn’t think about until reading, and I partially agree. Outside of the HTPC crowd there really is little demand for consumers to obtain a blu-ray drive in their systems. I think it’s tougher when you factor in that a DVD-Rom drive costs less than $30 these days, and blu-ray is still at least […]

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LG BD390 Blu-ray Player


I can’t possibly be the only one amused by all these low definition features coming from your blu-ray player, right? That being said you could argue you would be paying the same amount with or without the features so might as well throw them in. It will be interesting to see how the field evolves and where the focus migrates […]

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Sage Movie Wall v.4 for SageTV Released


Great looking movie plugin for SageTV has now been released. As always with plugins for this app there are some installation instructions you need to follow, but once up and running this is a beautiful movie application.   MediaSmartServer Well, a few months ago SageTV forum member PluckyHD created a new UI for SageTV called Sage Movie Wall (SMW) which […]

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ASUS Xonar HDAV1.3 Slim Audio Card Review


People have been knocking the ASUS Xonar HD line of cards–the first in the industry to allow you to bitstream your content–since they came out with the Xonar HDAV earlier this year. That being said they are still the only players in the bitstreaming game and have now added to their arsenal with a PCI-based low-profile card strictly for you […]

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