Boxee update. More bug squashing (

Those boys at Boxee continue their work. Nothing spectacular in this release, just a slow and steady improvement towards a stable product. Remember, Boxee is free for every platform, so if you haven’t yet you should check it out. General     * Under some circumstances, digital audio of a video does not work     * Sound distortion for DTS 2.0 […]

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Hands On: Next Generation Remote Control Extender


There’s a number of ways you can extend your remote control such as purchasing a Logitech Harmony which already includes an RF Extender. Considering you can buy the 890 with RF for around $100-150 these days, this option really just makes sense for people who already own a remote they love and just need to extend. For those, $55 is […]

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New 8500-line of Samsung LCD HDTVs


55 Inches for $4500 sound like a bargain to you? Well, probably not, but it’s hard to argue with the feature list which Samsung has announced for their new 8500 line of TV’s. Lots of features mentioned in the Press Release below, but it’s interesting to see the internet options are somewhat sparse, with basically just some Yahoo! Widgets available […]

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Old rivals Sony and Sharp inked LCD joint venture deal

It should be noted that this is only for a small number of models, specifically their 32-inch versions, but still it’s interesting to see these life-long rivals merging forces (somewhat) to hopefully reach better profits. Kudos to them for not being stubborn. CrunchGear Sharp will start operating a plant for the production of LCDs on its own in October. The […]

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Engadget HD Podcast 148 – 07.29.2009

I’m not sure how I missed out on the podcast last week, but it’s a good thing you can always catch up! The folks at EngadgetHD have a show for you to listen to, and of course Windows7 is front and center!  Program 00:00:50 – Comments from Engadget HD Podcast 147 – 07.22.2009 00:04:00 – Windows 7 Media Center review […]

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