Blu-ray To Remain Dominant Through 2015

I think this is debatable given how slow blu-ray has been climbing up, and the continued prevalence of DVD players. Of course there will be users who must have the extra fidelity of blu-ray, but for the majority they’re still fine saving $20 and just buying the DVD…so I’m not sure how blu-ray is "remaining dominant" HighDefDigest To give a […]

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Does Microsoft Allow Employees to Talk to Each Other?

Some very fair and very astute observations as to the many heads which Microsoft manages, and unfortunately the instances where they step over each other for the disservice of the end user. It makes staying loyal to Microsoft difficult when everything doesn’t play together nicely–ahem….I love my Zune, yet absolutely zero MCE integration to make life easier. The Digital Media […]

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Windows 7

So my first taste of freedom was installing Windows 7 on my Athlon 3200+ with ATI IGP. Vista performance on this "Designed for XP" laptop was miserable at best, downright crappy at the worst. Hulu barely performs and often stuttered on 480p content. If you can believe it, I could not even carry a webcam conversation without it stuttering horribly. […]

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Antec ISK-300 Mini-ITX Case (yes, another one)


I know it was just the other day we posted a link to another review of this chassis, but I think SPCR’s perspective on detailed noise is unique enough that it’s worth another look. Enjoy! SilentPCreview Antec’s first mini-ITX case is a solid if not flawless entry into a sector that is new to the brand. The overall airflow design […]

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MSWHS Reviews the HP MediaSmart LX195


Ah, the HP MediaSmart LX195…a confusing beast in that it falls under the home server family, as it only has a single hard drive. Sure you can expand via USB, but at that point you probably would have preferred going with the bigger MediaSmarts. Indeed, this product is most likely for those with moderate storage needs, who would enjoy the […]

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Sound vs. picture: What’s a better investment?

This is I’m sure going to be a different answer for every individual, but brings up some interesting thoughts to consider as technology evolves requiring significant upgrades for ultimate support. MN Maven I now however, find myself in a predicament, I have an older AV receiver, that I spent a pretty penny on 4 years ago, that is no longer […]

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Toshiba Finally Considering Blu-Ray

It’s all about the bottom line at the end of the day, and it seems Toshiba is finally swallowing their pride and considering Blu-ray. It’s about time, Sony sold VHS after their Betamax fiasco, so can’t we all just get along and bring those prices down for everyone to enjoy?!? HighDefDigest According to Nikkei, a provider of Japanese business news, […]

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ASRock Nettop ION 330 AMCP7A-ION


We just finished our review of an Atom board from Itox, which was good as long as you didn’t need HD playback. Now up is something a bit different, with an entire ION nettop device from ASRock. Unfortunately, the only video test they did was CINEBENCH so we’ll have to wait to get one in-house to complete our own real-world […]

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