Antec ISK300-65 Mini-ITX HTPC Computer Case


Well, this new post makes it obvious to see where that Zotac bored went. Mini-ITX is gaining a lot of popularity, but I’m still waiting for a chassis that blows me away with innovation and creativity. This offering from Antec is OK, as it will at least give you something super tiny, but it’s not going to impress too many […]

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Best Buy’s Magnolia Home Theater to sell Onkyo products soon

Good news if you always wanted Onkyo in your Best Buy? I suppose now you can demo things out before buying for cheaper online. 🙂 Crunchgear “We have worked diligently to position the brand where the product’s performance, capabilities, feature set and uncompromising build quality can be effectively and professionally demonstrated.“The establishment of the relationship and placement of the product […]

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X-Fi HomeTheater HD Release Dates


Is it just me, or wasn’t this card announced back in CES of LAST YEAR? I won’t hold it against Auzentech as long as this comes out and lives up to expectations. Only time will tell, but let’s just hope it doesn’t slip again. I think the ASUS Xonar HDAV is a great card, but a little competition can only […]

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ZOTAC IONITX-A-U Atom N330 WiFi N Motherboard Kit


We haven’t covered much hardware here recently, but with the ever growing popularity (and more imporant) improvement in the on-board graphics, motherboards are becoming that much easier for HTPC solutions. Zotac is a relative newcomer in the market, but is quickly gaining traction with a wide assortment of ION boards in HTPC-friendly configurations. Benchmark Reviews Zotac offers several versions of […]

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Mobile Media Center for Windows Mobile


I’m not really sure how I feel about this. Sure it’s a good idea, but the design reminds me of MCE 2004…but I guess it’s a start huh? TheDigitalLifestyle Mobile Media Center for Windows Mobile enables you to listen to music , watch pictures, play videos and keep up with RSS feeds/podcasts/vodcasts. With the media capabilities been limited in Windows […]

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Boxee Beta, Coming This September


TechCrunch posted some pictures shown at the Boxee event last week and I forgot to post them here. The pictures are fuzzy, but you get the idea…some interesting changes to the UI of Boxee. If you haven’t yet, go check out the Windows Alpha that’s now publicly available at    

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Snapstream’s FireFly Mini & Hulu Desktop

We haven’t mentioned BeyondTV in a long time, so I figured this was better than nothing. Not the deepest meaningful blog, but an astute observation that you can use the Firefly Mini remote to work with Hulu Desktop. With the minimal buttons required though, I can’t think of many remotes that would NOT work with Hulu Desktop. Only $30 though. […]

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