Netflix Closes Silo (again) – Forces Jinni To Disable Ratings Feature

This is dissapointing to say the least, when a company has something that can be utilized by many, and then decides to horde it to themselves. I thought people had learned that this does NOT gain you points in the public’s eyes. But then again, as those Netflix rates keep climbing, maybe they’re looking for other ways to monetize the business. Either way, sad day for Jinni.

Davis Freeberg

In the long run, I believe that this will hurt the company. I can understand Netflix’s desire to protect their competitive moat, but as a subscriber this upsets me to no end. Instead of letting me choose the most innovative movie site, they are making it more difficult for other sites to work with their data. This may not seem like a big deal to most, but preventing customers from accessing content in their preferred format, tends to create dissatisfaction. I feel that it also raises questions of anti-trust abuse when you consider Netflix’s market position and the grip that they are maintaining on their subscriber data.