Using EventGhost to Integrate a 3rd Party App with Your Front End

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  Most people in the HTPC community have a preferred media center application that handles 80% to 90% of the capabilities desired. Unfortunately, integrating an outside application to add functionality to your main front end and get to 100% seamless integration is not always easy. This is where automation tools can help. Automation tools are a class of software applications […]

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Hulu Desktop Fine Print – Non-Computers Not Welcome

Brent’s got some great information on the terms of service for the recently released Hulu Desktop application and what it might infer for the future. Apparantly as long as it’s for Personal Computers, you’re fine, but unfortunately that doesn’t leave much hope for extender users.   So I’ll take that to mean we won’t see Hulu officially supported by Extenders […]

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How to Integrate Hulu Desktop to Media Center


UPDATE 8/20/2009: This guide has been confirmed working on Windows 7 and will place the shortcut to Hulu in your Extras Library. Click the Comments post for user tips on getting the icon on your start menu.   If this article sounds familiar, it’s because I have previously written a similar article on integrating Boxee into Media Center . With […]

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Hulu on the Desktop, Remote Friendly…Officially


When Hulu started shutting down Boxee and other addins that utilized its service for a 10′ experience interface, people assumed one of the following–either the big content providers were uncomfortable blurring the line for television shows on their computers via a remote interface, or that they were working on something themselves and wanted the market to themselves. For better or […]

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Thermaltake DH-104 HTPC Case Review

This is a rather light review as it omits any reference to the noise factor of the author’s build.  The author did mention his disdain for the included imon software but not a whole lot else.  On the other hand there are lots of nice pictures of the case scattered around the article for folks to check out these pics […]

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Halcyon Works


Halcyon (IPA: /ˈhælsiÉ™n/), a term that originates from the Greek myth of Alcyone, is used most often to mean golden or marked by peace and prosperity. I can’t really draw a relation between HTPC cases on Halcyon but the term golden just might fit with what they have in store for the HTPC chassis world. Founded by a guy with a […]

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Are Media Center Extenders Dead? (again)


The answer has been asked by many and presumed by even more, but ask the folks at Microsoft and they still stand strong around the Extender platform. With Linksys announcing their discontinuing of their Extender products, it leaves us guessing what’s to come, since Linksys was one of the original Extender partners for Microsoft. Are they simply discontinuing a 2 […]

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