Life With A Plugin Episode 22: Netflix in Media Center


Netflix in Windows Vista Media Center–not a new topic, having reviewed three community-developed applications exactly one year ago (May 2008)–but this time fully supported by Microsoft. This has been a dream of many since Netflix announced the availability of streaming content and dealt with the buginess of the unofficial applications in the aforementioned review. It has finally arrived, for Vista […]

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Winegard RCDT09A


  With the change over to digital television coming ever closer in the US, it is important to be aware of some of the options out there for digital converter boxes.  Today we will have a look at an offering from Winegard.   Specifications For your viewing pleasure, we start off with a video of the unboxing of the converter […]

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Linksys Exiting the Media Center Extender Market

Looks like it’s official now.  Linksys has confirmed that they have discontinued the Linksys DMA 2100 and DMA 2200 and have no plans to replace them with newer extenders.  So you better pick one up now if you want one and can find one.   For the past year you could pick up a Linksys DMA 2100 for super cheap […]

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Verizon FiOS TV contractions

As engadgetHD says, it’s quite odd to hear Verizon is basically outsourcing their FIOS installations in a large number of areas.  Perhaps this is for antitrust protections?  Or, is this just outsourcing at it’s finest and is simply a way to cut costs?   This is uh….odd. We’ve gotten so used to FiOS TV creeping into new areas that we’ve […]

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CableCARD DIY Step-by-Step Install Guide by Engadget

For those that hate hunting around the web and piecing together how to do something yourself from eight different sources, EngadgetHD brings you the DIYers’ Guide To Installing CableCARD in your PC. They’ve done a great job of stepping through all the issues and providing all the information you need to go find yourself a tuner and get it up […]

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New WHS Battle – Old HP EX475 vs New EX487


Battle of the HP WHS Boxes – EX475 vs the new EX487 If you are like me, you couldn’t wait to get your hands on the initial HP MediaSmart Windows Home Server system when they first came out last year. I received one and put it to the Battle of the Windows Home Servers , and it did wonderfully going […]

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Simple Utility Makes Any PC OCUR Compliant

It didn’t take long before someone figured out what was going on with the Intel P5Q bios’s mentioned last week and put together a little utility that will make any PC bios OCUR compliant. Only issue right now seems that the utility will break the activation of any OEM PC, but that shouldn’t be a problem for the Do-It-Yourself crowd. […]

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HP to Release v2.5 to All EX47x Owners, Bring MediaSmart Server Back to Europe

I have to admit, just when I start defending HP for having every valid reason for not offering certain things to older customers, they go and make everyone happy. Don’t you hate that!! 🙂   We have listened to the customer feedback on,, and other popular Windows Home Server blogs related to our recent software update availability. […]

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Get Your Windows 7 RC Today

Microsoft is making Windows 7 RC available to the general public starting today. Just follow the link below to download. You will need a Windows Live ID to download it. Try it out and share what you think. Here’s what you need to run it: – Internet access (to download Windows 7 RC and get updates) – A PC with […]

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Electronic House Home of the Year Winner!

This Hollywood blend of drama, design and innovation–including 7.1 CinemaScope theater, pop-up televisions, and multiple surround-sound areas–earns our eager nod as best Home of the Year.   Our Home of the Year sits among the Hollywood Hills, where the stars shine as brightly inside the homes as they do in the night sky. We’re familiar with some of the A-list […]

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