Electronic House Home of the Year Winner!

This Hollywood blend of drama, design and innovation–including 7.1
CinemaScope theater, pop-up televisions, and multiple surround-sound
areas–earns our eager nod as best Home of the Year.


Our Home of the Year sits among the Hollywood Hills, where the stars
shine as brightly inside the homes as they do in the night sky. We’re
familiar with some of the A-list technologies here—CinemaScope theater,
7.1-channel surround-sound, intricate TV concealment, extensive
automation—but we don’t often see them shine together in such a
spectacular location, with equally stunning results. This home can’t
settle for anything less than red-carpet treatment.

The residence was designed and built by Temple Home, whose co-owner,
Xorin Balbes, has earned recognition for his restoration of famous Los
Angeles-area homes. Balbes and architect Paul Ashley brought the
vision, and left the audio-visual pyrotechnics to DSI Entertainment

“They developed it as the ultimate bachelor pad, and part of their
thing was that they wanted all of the technology that a young Hollywood
actor or director might want,” says systems developer and DSI
co-founder Eric Thies. “Obviously, there were a lot of potential buyers
here that fit that category, so for a 7,000-square-foot house they
wanted a lot of technology crammed into it.”