Halcyon Works


Halcyon (IPA: /ˈhælsiÉ™n/), a term that originates from the Greek myth of Alcyone, is used most often to mean golden or marked by peace and prosperity. I can’t really draw a relation between HTPC cases on Halcyon but the term golden just might fit with what they have in store for the HTPC chassis world. Founded by a guy with a […]

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Are Media Center Extenders Dead? (again)


The answer has been asked by many and presumed by even more, but ask the folks at Microsoft and they still stand strong around the Extender platform. With Linksys announcing their discontinuing of their Extender products, it leaves us guessing what’s to come, since Linksys was one of the original Extender partners for Microsoft. Are they simply discontinuing a 2 […]

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Life With A Plugin Episode 22: Netflix in Media Center


Netflix in Windows Vista Media Center–not a new topic, having reviewed three community-developed applications exactly one year ago (May 2008)–but this time fully supported by Microsoft. This has been a dream of many since Netflix announced the availability of streaming content and dealt with the buginess of the unofficial applications in the aforementioned review. It has finally arrived, for Vista […]

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