Halcyon Works


Halcyon (IPA: /ˈhælsiÉ™n/), a term that originates from the Greek myth of Alcyone, is used most often to mean golden or marked by peace and prosperity.

I can’t really draw a relation between HTPC cases on Halcyon but the term golden just might fit with what they have in store for the HTPC chassis world. Founded by a guy with a lot of years of HTPC chassis experience, Halycon is based out of the UK with plans to sell in the US market as well. I will provide a bit more background about the company as time goes on but for now, I will get you salivating with some pictures of the first two cases they plan to introduce to market.

Main featuresof bothcases include:

Modular hard drive

12mm thick aluminum front plate

Interchangeable front plates (coming later)

Comes in kit form (takes 10 minutes and 8 bolts to assemble) to reduce packaging

Comes with Phillips remote

Sliding lid and lic lock mechanism (see pic after the break)

The M3 pictured below, takes a MATX motherboard, laptop slot drive, 3 – 3.5" HDs, and spots for four half hieght cards.



Hit the read more button for more pics and info about the M2 chassis.

The M2 pictured below uses a MATX mobo,laptop DVD drive, two 3.5" HDs, and a Pico PSU.