CEA Tech Enthusiast Membership for Individuals

This is coming from our friends at the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) and we thought our readers would be interested.  I just finished signing up myself.  If you do sign up let us know in the comments and maybe we can plan for a Missing Remote meet-up at CES next year ๐Ÿ™‚

For the first time ever, individuals can now join the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA)ยฎ, owner and producer of the International CES. CEA’s Tech Enthusiast membership, designed exclusively for early adopters and fervent supporters of consumer technology, gives you access to CEA and offers a members-only website with:

  • Insider information on the latest technology trends
  • Consumer electronic product giveaways
  • Access to a community of like-minded technophiles
  • Discounts from technology companies

As a Missing Remote reader you qualify to receive the CEA TE Membership at a discounted rate of $29 (valued at $49). To learn more or join today, visit CEAtechenthusiast.com and enter promo code “INSIDER” at the checkout to get the discount.

  • Michael, maybe I’m the only

    Michael, maybe I’m the only one wondering why I would want to spend $29/year on this.  The list of “benefits” just don’t seem worth it to me.  Am I just not understanding the value?

    Bullet #1 seems like something a “fanboy” would love, but I don’t see a real benefit to it.  I can wait until somebody leaks the info or it’s announced.

    #2 sounds nice, but paying $29 to possibly win something doesn’t sound all that appealing.

    #3…  I already have that right here at Missing Remote!  LOL!

    #4 also sounds nice, but, without any idea of whether the discounts are actually worth it, I’m not seeing the value.

    I’m actually hoping it’s simply a matter of me not “getting it” and you can explain it to me.  ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Everyone will put a different

    Everyone will put a different value to the “benefits”.  For me I looked through the discounts and between 2 purchases that I plan on making I’ll save ~$45 so it justified the cost right there.

    I’d like to purchase a new bedroom TV this year as well, if I do the Newegg discount would save me ~$140 since I think I’ll purchase a Samsung LED.

    I think the real benefit to the readers is being able to go to CES.

    I also love beta testing and if it gets me a few more opportunities I’ll be happy.

  • I joined as a gift from my

    I joined as a gift from my wife for Christmas. She saw it and thought it would be great for me. I have been on the forums and looked at some of the benefits. They keep getting better.

    I like the fact that you do get to go to CES with them as well. I have already booked my trip before even signing up for this but it is an added Benefit.

    I have already sent my applications to the companies offing Beta Testing because that is always fun.

    I agree with Michael Welter, 

    Everyone will put a different value to the “benefits”.