ASRock Core 100HT Home Theater PC Review


We’ve reviewed the previous generation of ASRock HTPC SFF systems in the past, and we were pleased with their price/size/performance. It’s good to see ASRock continues to develop this line, and while this isn’t brand new, you always learn new things from different reviewers. Plus it’s been a slow news week 🙂 Streaming HD Content from Netflix was a slightly […]

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Control your home theater from anywhere in the world

Ether IR

Here’s a pretty cool project going on, completely open source with all the information available to help. The idea is simple enough, use an IR to Ethernet module to connect to your AV Devices from across the internet. His project, called Ether IR, is an Internet-enabled IR repeater. It consists of an Ethernet-connected module with an IR LED mounted on […]

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