Logitech Harmony Touch Review

I’ve been using a Logitech Harmony remote for years and have loved to see their evolution. Of course there are drawbacks to any solution, but it looks like Logitech has improved on an already pretty solid product. Let’s hope the battery/charger lasts longer. The primary evolution of the Harmony Touch is of course the touch interface, which is centrally placed […]

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Griffin Beacon Universal Remote for iPhone

Griffin Beacon Universal Remote

The idea of universal remotes is nothing new, as is the idea of interactive smartphones. What has only been done sparingly, and mainly with home theater PC (HTPC) focused consumers in mind, has been the leveraging of your smartphone with your home theater. Griffin has made a name for itself for more general consumer electronics components, but is aiming to […]

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Sewell InjectIR – IR over HDMI Remote Extender

Sewell InjectIR

Those of you with older television cabinets or mounted televisions know the difficulty that comes with hiding your equipment out of site while still being able to control it. Radio frequency (RF) has its benefits but requires a special remote control as well as IR blasters for each individual device you are looking to control. Sewell has developed the InjectIR […]

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Logitech Harmony Link Reviewed


Logitech recently jumped into the phone and tablet universal remote market with the Harmony Link. The idea is simple: Make use of a phone or tablet to communicate via Wi-Fi to a bridge device which translates the commands to infrared (IR) for use by most home theater components. Logitech also adds in its Harmony database and setup routines used in […]

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Xbox 360 Media Remote Revealed; the Green Button is Dead!

Xbox 360 Media Remote

You probably know by now that Windows Media Center extenders have been on life support with only Microsoft supplying the Xbox 360 as the sole extender product available in the retail market. The de-emphasis of the extender continues with the latest Xbox 360 Media Remote revealed by Major Nelson. Sadly for Media Center extender users, there is no more Green […]

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