Acer Media Center Touch Pad Remote at the FCC

If you are looking for a new way to control a home theater PC, Acer might have you covered. This slate-style remote found on the FCC website seems like an interesting way to go. About the size of a large touchscreen phone, it stays blank until you activate the controls, at which point various buttons light up on the surface. […]

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Kinect for Windows SDK to Arrive Spring 2011

I was very skeptical on the Kinect as a remote alternative but after having used it for a bit I think there is a lot of potential and am happy to see a supported SDK being released.  I know I’ll be adding support for Media Center if it isn’t provided out-of-box. For those who can’t wait, check out “Kinect on […]

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Samsung New QWERTY Remote in the future?


Obviously you can’t fully judge these leaked FCC images, but man…it’s remotes like this that A) Make me understand how Apple products are so good, and B) Makes me appreciate my Harmony remote. MAN that’s a LOT of buttons!! it looks like Samsung has an alternative Bluetooth remote planned for its Smart TVs (but not any Google TV products judging […]

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Android Remote Media Center app available

Tired of iPhone getting all of the apps? Well fear not my fellow Android users, a solution for controlling you Media Center has arrived. This uses the remote potato server for its functionality. Browse and search the EPG Grid Browse and Schedule recordings Browse channels and programs Watch videos Watch recorded tv Listen to music Browse pictures. The Green Button

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Control Your Media Center With A Windows 7 Phone

The mobile space is where it’s at these days. media buddy allows you to fully control your W7 based media center. You will need remote potato installed to make this app work. Some of the early features – Browse your recorded TV by titles and date and delete or play a recording. Browse your scheduled recordings and series and update them. […]

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Amulet Devices shows off beta update at CES

Amulet Devices Amulet Remote

If you are not familar with it, Mike Garcen did a great review of the Amulet Devices Remote Control prior to its release.  While at CES I met with Pat Lawless from Amulet Devices and had a chance to see their upcoming beta in action.   The focus in the upcoming software release is the Electronic Program Guide (EPG).  So in […]

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Logitech Harmony One & PS3 Adapter


I’ve reviewed various Logitech Harmony remote controls in the past and they’ve always seemed to impress me with simplicity as well as variety. Here’s a review of the Harmony One–not super brand new, but it is the latest. Note this is strictly IR, unlike the Harmony 900 which has RF, if that’s important to you.   If you’ve ever owned […]

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Boxee Remote Control Pricing Leak


I know Mikinho is ecstatic to hear about this. Ever since the first images of this remote he and many others have been clammoring to get the remote alone to integrate with their own HTPC. For $40, it can be done…maybe. If it’s true, considering the Logitech Dinovo Mini runs at $90-100, this is a pretty sweet deal. The Boxee […]

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Boxee and Amulet Remotes Arrive at the FCC

Am I the only one who really wants a job at the FCC today? They got their grubby hands on some of the first of the cool new remotes coming out–the Boxee remote and the Amulet Devices Voice Controlled remote! Hopefully there are no hiccups for either and we’ll see them soon to market. Amulet Device’s intriguing voice-activated remote for […]

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