Hands on with the GlideTV Navigator


Dave got his hands on the new GlideTV HTPC controller which was all the rage last week, and for good reason. It’s a pretty innovative concept, but coming in at $150 is tough to swallow, especially given the other controller options that are out there (the similarly priced Dinovo Mini is pretty darned good alread). I’d love to give it […]

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X10 iconRemote RF Universal Remote Review


Pretty snazzy little remote from X10, which not suprisingly works wonderfully with wireless X10 home automation devices. Of course, you will need to buy all the various X10 controllers to fully utilize this, but a lot of people have already done that. Not sure I’m ready to trade in my Harmony for this, but at only $100 it’s pretty reasonable. […]

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New Logitech Harmony 700 Remote


I guess the vail has been pulled on this remote. I’ve been actively using this for quite some time for testing and can say it’s pretty darned reliable. Not ready to drop my 890 for it (I actually use the RF) but the feature set is pretty complete. Don’t worry, expect a full review once we get closer to launch. […]

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Logitech Harmony 900 universal remote


Here’s a pretty brutal review from CrunchGear on the new Harmony 900, which is basically just the Harmony One with RF capabilities. And unfortunately, that new feature is exactly what CrunchGear had the most issues with. Pretty disappointing for a remote with an MSRP of $400.   CrunchGear But it’s just not the range I have beef with, it’s the […]

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