Logitech Harmony 900 universal remote


Here’s a pretty brutal review from CrunchGear on the new Harmony 900, which is basically just the Harmony One with RF capabilities. And unfortunately, that new feature is exactly what CrunchGear had the most issues with. Pretty disappointing for a remote with an MSRP of $400.



But it’s just not the range I have beef with, it’s the implementation of the IR blasters. For some reason Logitech felt the need to design new IR blasters that sit on a shelf instead of sticking to the front panel of the device. This means that AV geeks that spent good money on equipment racks cannot use this remote because there probably isn’t a shelf available when the gear is flush-mounted. I can’t use the IR blasters on my office system because of the lack of shelf. Logitech didn’t need to reinvent the wheel, the mini IR blasters used by the industry for years work fine.