Fujitsu Joins in the SFF Client with its Q1500


First Dell, then Lenovo and now Fujitsu is joining in the fun with releasing a small form factor client system. Unlike Lenovo however, this one seems to be marketed towards business users. However, the specs are solid, and the utilization of the Intel GMA 4500MHD chipset should make it a very solid HTPC client to keep in mind.   SlashGear […]

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Amazon Deal: Sony Blu-ray Movies for under $10

I heard about a pretty cool deal going on at if you’re looking to increase your collection. They have a number of different Sony titles on Blu-ray for only $9.99. The titles are marked at $12.99 but then apply coupon code STAYBLU3 for the additional $3 discount! They’re actually good titles too, so enjoy! Some of the Movies Available: […]

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MPAA still pushing to close the “Analog Hole”

The MPAA is once again trying to push forth "Selectable Output Control" which would give the MPAA and movie studios the ability to disable the analog output of set-top boxes at will.  This would leave anyone not using a digital connection such as HDMI to have to replace their televison and/or other hardware such as set-top boxes.  This would also […]

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Harmony 700 Remote


Logitech Harmony 700 Remote Control Logitech has been really on top of its game recently with announcements of the Harmony One and 900 remote controls featuring all sorts of features and touch screens galore for your entertainment. All those features also bring about them a fairly high retail price, so Logitech decided to invest some effort into bringing a more […]

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