ATSC Ready To Solve Commercials Loudness Woes

Thank goodness! Now mind you, this is less of an issue for me now that i’m Skipping Commercials in Windows7, but it’s still good to see the industry trying to fix one of the most obnoxious and unnecessary problems that has existed for so long! A major component of the RP involves requiring all incoming content, whether programming, commercials, […]

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Cisco FlipShareTV streamer outed in FCC documents

Looks like a promising product for someone that wants to stream content from the PC to the TV.   Flip Video remote, meet your family. One of Cisco‘s latest FCC filings happened to keep its user manual outside the seal of confidentiality, giving us a pretty good look at FlipShareTV, a setup for streaming recorded video from the computer’s FlipShare software, […]

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Windows 7: Get Your New Install Humming

Everytime you reinstall Windows there are always lots of fun configuration tasks that need to be taken care of, and this applies just the same to upgrading to a new version of Windows. I’ve tried to put together a list of some of the key things you’ll need to remember when migrating to Windows 7 and please add your own […]

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Myka 250 Extender-Type Device Reviewed


The folks at got their hands on the little Myka device and ran it through the paces. Not a terrible little unit, but not without some flaws. The units start at $199 though, so definitely weigh your options and needs before putting down that kind of coin on an extender-type device.   MediaSmartServer I tested different file types from […]

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Weekly Podcast Roundup October 27th

My apologies for slacking on the podcast roundup! So, to make up for it, this week’s is coming sooner and includes some from last week, and some from this week. Stay on top of all sorts of news, especially last week with all the buzz surrounding the Windows 7 launch. Engadget HD Podcast 161 – 10.27.2009 It was Windows 7 […]

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