Nvidia Halting Chipset Development

This is pretty significant news–any time one of the biggest players in a set category of products changes its ways, it makes you wonder all sorts of things. Not sure exactly how this one will pan out, you can’t believe that Nvidia would abandon the PC industry which made it the giant it is today. PCMag "We have said that […]

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Thursday Podcast Roundup – October 8th

Here’s the roundup of Podcasts for this week (and a few from over last weekend). Enjoy! Entertainment 2.0-Episode 48: First Fireside Chat of the Season This week, as Adam warms himself by the fire, he and Josh get a chance to cover all of the great emails and comments we’ve received in the last two weeks. You guys make our […]

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Boxee welcomes Justin.TV to it’s App Box

Woohoo!! Justin.tv is a super popular website for finding all sorts of streams of content…while it started primarily and there still are a lot of webcams there, the real juice is in its offerings of sports not on in your region. Um…I’ve heard friends use the site to watch Real Madrid futbol matches….now "they" can use Boxee to do so. […]

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Hitachi TV watches you, you power waster!


Ok, I understand what a noble idea this is from Hitachi to conserve a bit of energy, but I can’t get those "Enemy of the State" movies out of my head where the government will tap into these cameras to spy on you. Maybe that won’t ever happen, but still with people watching their pennies these days, are people really […]

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LG N2B1D NAS With 2TB And Blu-ray Drive Unveiled


Hrmm…why would anyone need a blu-ray drive within a NAS box? You know why!!! Pretty impressive that a company as large as LG has stepped up to the plate here, although 2TB really won’t get you very far if you’re ripp..err..backing up blu-rays.   i4u LG unveils what the company calls the world’s first NAS with a Blu-ray drive. The […]

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nMedia HTPC 6000B Chassis Review


nMedia has really made a name for themselves in a short amount of time by offering solid built HTPC chassis at an affordable rate. This one is much more traditional than their other wooden case, but probably will appeal to a more conservative crowd.   Benchmark Reviews nMediaPC is a company that deals primarily in home theater related products, and […]

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