Life Without Cable or Satellite Television, the Experiment


I’m sure I’m not the only person who has thought about cancelling their cable or satellite TV bill–after all, $100+ a month can really add up, and with the plethora of online sources to watch is it even necessary? Gizmodo really puts it to the test, and goes a step further by detailing all sorts of ideas and roadbumps. I think some of the thinking is skewed, such as "piggybacking" someone’s DirecTV Sunday Ticket Supercast account, but that’s not to say there aren’t very valid points here.



This is still the wild west, and things are apt to keep changing. I already mentioned services like DirecTV’s Supercast and streaming games from Little by little, you will start to see primetime shows or packages offered a la carte online too. I hope we don’t get to a point where we are paying more for access to online content than we now pay for cable content, but there has been serious talk by executives from Time Warner (HBO), CBS and Hulu (Fox, NBC, Disney) about that very thing: Either charge subscribers for premium content on demand, or simply verify that they are already paying customers of cable and satellite, and grant them access to stuff others can’t see.