Amazon Instant Video Players Comparison


Here’s a cool rundown of some of the various Amazon On-Demand players and their different interfaces. Not surprising they fall a bit behind what Netflix offers, as they’re much newer to the game.

Regardless of which Amazon player you use, navigating the interface is a little bit of a maze compared to Netflix. This is most evident when browsing for content. For videos you own, you need to navigate through about three menus. Netflix devices with the HTML5 interface feature easily accessible catagories such as “Recently Viewed” or your Instant Queue. The Amazon player does not remember what content you’ve recently watched. All three devices did have identical functionality around search. The search interface does remember recent searches and this is one way to overcome the lack of a “Recently Viewed” category.


  • I can honestly say, I am a
    I can honestly say, I am a die-hard Amazon Prime user, but I forget about the streaming movies on there….