SocialGuide Aims to Gather What You’re Watching Data


So is this the new way shows will be graded? I think it’s pretty awesome but again doesn’t really factor in DVR’d content…that is unless you often tweet about shows a week after they air, which I don’t see often. I still think it’s a step in the right direction though for changing the way viewership is rated. If I knew tweeting (@mikegarcen) about a certain show might save it then I would probably do it if I liked the show enough–Outsourced *tear*

Even if viewers don’t log in to the service or explicitly “check in” to any TV shows, SocialGuide can still provide valuable data to both TV viewers and the content owners themselves. The site works by scouring Twitter in real time for conversations about shows as they are airing, creating a listing of the most social shows on TV. It then aggregates of those social conversations into one spot. The result is a real-time social channel listing.