Remote Potato v1.0 – Schedule WMV Recordings Remotely

Here’s a pretty cool plugin that finally has reached official version 1.0 status that allows you to stream and schedule recordings via your guide remotely. If only Microsoft had an app…err…oh yeah, they did…two of them…that they swallowed. Whoops!

Version 1.0 brings with it all of these new features:

  •     Fully seekable video streaming in new, ultra-high quality H264.
  •     Stream your pictures / videos / music –  all major formats supported.
  •     Remote Control, Slideshow, Music, Series Record Options – and more.
  •     Server now runs on Windows XP / Vista / 7 : stream your stuff from any PC!*
  •     Mobile Apps available for iPhone / Android / Windows Phone 7
  •     Still completely free


  • Great update.  I can’t wait

    Great update.  I can’t wait for the ipad app.  If you don’t have Remote Potato, I can’t recommend it enough. 

  • I just got this up and the

    I just got this up and the web interface looks great.