My Channel Logos 2 Released

My Channel Logos has always been one of my favorite WMC plugins. The program allows users to tweak their TV Guide, most notably by allowing users to add color logos for the channels. It is a minor adjustment that goes a long way toward improving the fit and finish of Windows Media Center.  Version 2.0 of My Channel Logos is now available. It retains all of the functionality of the original with even more options for tweaking logo layouts and guide rows, all wrapped up in a snazzy new interface. The developers of MCL used to ask for a $3 donation, but for version 2.0, they are switching to a new payment model.  For free, one can download and use MCL Lite which offers the most basic funtionality through manual manipulation, or for a minimum price of $3.40, one can download the full version with all features unlocked.

How time flies! We were just beginning the summer of 2010 when the last version of My Channel Logos was released. But in reality, we were already preparing a wishlist for MCL V2. “What can you possibly add to enhance MCL?” we were asked. Well, if you’ve paid attention to our philosophy, you know that our goal is to dig deep into the darkest recesses of Media Center code, and bring complicated fixes and enhancements to the masses in an easy, user-friendly interface.

My Channel Logos