CEATEC 2009 Part II-More Photos


More stuff from CEATEC, mainly just some pretty cool pictures–well, cool if you’re on the 3D bandwagon. And if you’re not, you should be! Haven’t you heard, it’s going to be everywhere soon! HDGuru Panasonic’s 103″ 4K Resolution (3840×2160) HDTV Prototype  

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MythTV 0.22 Release Candidate 1 Arrives


MythTV–the linux-based open source Media Center application that started it all–has released a new Release Candidate version with some nice improvements. It’s really a fantastic system if you have the know-how to getting it running, just ask Lothar 🙂   GeekTonic MythTV UI ported to new MythUI library with all new capabilities. Added Automatic Prioritization to the scheduler which uses […]

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Andy’s Temptation


For those that don’t know, our friend and contributor Andy (babgvant) is kinda well known for doing some really really cool things with programs he uses, and currently that is SageTV. Well, don’t be surprised if this sees the light of day sooner than later. With CableCard being opened up a bit….well…I’ll just leave it to the expert to express […]

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New Site Catalogs all Media Center Plug-Ins

TheDigitalLifestyle caught wind of this fantastic new website posted by a GreenButton member listing every Media Center plugin you could ever imagine. I think this will help get me back on the horse for our Life with a Plugin series…anything in particular you guys see there that are dying to see reviewed?   TheHTPC.net I’ve scoured multiple sites in order […]

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Server upgrade

Tongue Out

Well, I’m afraid to say that this blog entry isn’t directly about Mythtv.  This one is about the new hardware I just added into my server.  So here’s the baseline, pre-upgrade: Biostar 6100-based motherboard, AMD 3800+ X2 CPU 1 or 2 GB of RAM (I forget how much) 1x 8GB Western Digital IDE hard drive 4x 400GB Samsung SATA hard […]

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