New Site Catalogs all Media Center Plug-Ins

TheDigitalLifestyle caught wind of this fantastic new website posted by a GreenButton member listing every Media Center plugin you could ever imagine. I think this will help get me back on the horse for our Life with a Plugin series…anything in particular you guys see there that are dying to see reviewed?

I’ve scoured multiple sites in order to compile the following list of plugins, tools and utilities that are available for Media Center and/or aid in making the Media Center experience more enjoyable. I have not tried many of these, so I may have some incomplete or incorrect information posted. If you see a ? listed under the compatibility for a specific plugin and you know whether it works or not, please use the contact form at the bottom of the page to notify me and I will update the list. You may also use the contact form to send in any other plugins, tools and/or utilities I may have missed or that you find useful and, finally, to help me clear up any other discrepancies I may have posted. Hope this list helps!