Andy’s Temptation


For those that don’t know, our friend and contributor Andy (babgvant) is kinda well known for doing some really really cool things with programs he uses, and currently that is SageTV. Well, don’t be surprised if this sees the light of day sooner than later. With CableCard being opened up a bit….well…I’ll just leave it to the expert to express his vision…

Bagvant Blog

When MS announced that they were bringing DCTs to MediaCenter I was really excited; but of course that didn’t work out. Instead of being something that added value to the platform, it turned the PC in a closed box solution. Since the recent CableCard announcement at CEDIA where everyone concerned seems to have come to their senses on DRM and the OEM requirements. With everything that I found objectionable no longer blocking, I have to admit that I’m tempted.