Myka 250 Extender-Type Device Reviewed


The folks at got their hands on the little Myka device and ran it through the paces. Not a terrible little unit, but not without some flaws. The units start at $199 though, so definitely weigh your options and needs before putting down that kind of coin on an extender-type device.



I tested different file types from my collection (ranging from basic xvid avi files to high bitrate Blu Ray mkv/ts to 1080p Apple Trailers) and for the most part they played back without issue. I tested out a straight Blu Ray rip (keeping the Blu Ray structure in tact) but the Myka viewed it as nothing more then a bunch of folders with files inside (as opposed to playing as if it was a Blu Ray disc). Once I started getting to videos averaging a variable bitrate greater then 50+ MB/S I experienced stuttering. The same thing happened when I attempted to play back videos with 16 reference frames. I should state though that the files I had issue with were reference files I found on the web (some people will argue that these files were not properly encoded in the first place so you should not expect proper playback). All my video files (including H.264/VC-1 ts/mkv) played flawless. Also, I should mention that I had no problem with chapter support in my mkvs (other players I have ran into issues with this).