Weekly Podcast Roundup October 27th

My apologies for slacking on the podcast roundup! So, to make up for it, this week’s is coming sooner and includes some from last week, and some from this week. Stay on top of all sorts of news, especially last week with all the buzz surrounding the Windows 7 launch.

Engadget HD Podcast 161 – 10.27.2009

It was Windows 7 launch week, so as you’d expect we talked plenty of Windows 7 Media Center. Like the new Netflix Watch Instantly interface, Internet TV, Digital Cable Tuner firmware and Utility delays and finally how to skip commercials. But before we got to that we covered our favorite new topic, 3D. After all that we got back on our older love, Blu-ray, where we talked about why the 360 will never get a Blu-ray drive and how what we really want is Managed Copies of our movies on our 360. Finally we made fun of Comcast and Verizon for their VOD spat, and told everyone how not to evaluate HDTV in stores.


Seen in HD Episode 9

Talk turns to gaming for part of episode nine of Seen in HD. Recent news that the PS3 will be getting Netflix support and the Xbox won’t be getting Blu-ray support gives Adam and Phil a chance to talk HD gaming and the future of consoles. One thing we forgot to mention in the show was that the PS3 Netflix streaming requires the use of a special Blu-ray disc to access the video.

The Media Center Show #228 – Windows 7 Launch and Vidabox

This week is the launch of Windows 7 and a big thanks to everybody that sent in their favourite features. I take a few moments to discus them and my own favourites on the show and I also have an interview with Vidabox’s Steven Cheung, Vidabox make high end system for the custom market and now offer components for the enthusiast market and I talk to Steven about their Windows Home Server solution, touch screens and custom cases.



Entertainment 2.0: Episode 50-Windows 7 Launch Party

After almost ten months of testing, reinstallations and general playing around, it’s finally time to get that retail version of Windows 7 installed and start enjoying everything that Microsoft has brought to the table in 7MC. We’ve already posted about why you should bite that bullet and upgrade and for this week’s show we discuss not only the new features of 7MC but some of our favorites as well.


TDL Mobile Show #13

We may as well call this week’s show the Nook episode! With Sheldon taking a little break, and Jon still battling with his ISP, Jose goes solo this week and dissects Barnes & Noble’s eReader announcement and details. Of course it wouldn’t be a TDL Mobile show without smartphone news, so Jose sprinkles a little bit of WinMo & Android news, and even a little strife between Nokia and Apple. Leave comments on the post and don’t forget to subscribe!

HDTV and Home Theater Podcast – Podcast #396: HD Fury 2 and Home Automation with Insteon

How many of you have a TV that was purchased in 2005? If you raised your hand there is a good chance that it does not come with an HDMI input. Today we take a look at a device that bills itself as the world smallest and most powerful HDCP deciphering converter ever built. The HD Fury 2 takes an HDMI input and converts it to component in a device that fits in the palm of your hands. All this for about $200 and that includes cables and power adapters.