SageTV Coming to Boxee Box

Many SageTV users are well aware of the skyrocketing eBay prices of the SageTV extenders after the company was purchased by Google and the extenders were pulled from retail. It seems SageTV extenders are about to get a second life in the form of the Boxee Box.

An unsanctioned effort by third-party developers is underway to bring SageTV front-end functionality to the Boxee Box in an application named SageBoxee. The software will still require a SageTV back-end server housing tuners and performing recording duties. It looks like this is a big victory for anyone anxiously bidding up SageTV HD300 extenders. It’s too bad SageTV licenses can no longer be purchased.

If you’re looking to get in on the development action, the repository is located here and you can join discussion regarding SageBoxee.

Boxee Box users will soon have a new way to access TV shows on the device of their choice: Third-party developers are currently working on a SageTV app for Boxee, which could bring DVR functionality to the media player. Talk about an unofficial SageTV Boxee app popped up this weekend on Boxee’s forums, and adventurous Boxee users can already install an early proof-of-concept version via a third-party repository.