HDBaseT @ CES 2013


I love the concept of HDBaseT. Run some Cat5e/6, add a switch and some devices that support HDBaseT (or adapters if using “legacy” devices) into the mix and you get a whole home media distribution network capable of pushing 100MB, 100W of power, audio/video, and control anywhere. With the right devices, you can do everything with just one cable.

There are a few problems with the current implementation though, well actually just one – it’s not available to DIYer right now, you need to engage a custom installer in the process. If you’re OK with that, and the $ it entails: first I envy you and second congratulations I’m confident that you will enjoy it. This will not always be the case though with retail availability on the road map (somewhere ;)), and an increasingly larger pool of devices to choose from we should be able to take advantage of a really slick way to push all the good stuff we want around the home.

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While I was there I saw a slick demo where they showed off IR control at consumption and install points, switching “inputs”, and shared content on multiple displays – very cool stuff.