SiliconDust Phase 2 with New Hardware with Hardware Transcoding


Phase 2 of the SiliconDust announcements this morning are new hardward for US and a new device for Europe and Australia that now have hardware transcoding built-in. These will have high quality digital-to-digital conversion of high-bandwidth MPEG2 streams to bandwidth-friendly H.264.  “The next generation HDHomeRun® devices will do what no other TV tuner has been able to do before,” said […]

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Sony Press Conference


Oddly enough the Sony PR event was the best of the day. They definitely had the best TVs (although not the largest) to show off; announcing a 55″ and 65″ 4K display at “more affordable pricing” and showing of a [smallish] 56″ 4K OLED TV prototype. With so much focus on 4K, it was also great to see that they […]

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DISH Network Press Conference

Hopper with Sling_Logo_4C.jpg

The thing I like most about DISH Networks events is how they announce features that we HTPC enthusiasts have enjoyed for years. Things like commercial skipping, connected and disconnected place shifting are nothing new to us, but of course they are major innovations to mainstream users, especially to those where the DVR is a new innovation. DISH adding these features […]

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NETGEAR Press Conference


NETGEAR had a little something for the connected home enthusiast at their PR event today. Adding Sling to the NeoTV MAX was neat, but unless you have a Sling box it wasn’t nearly as interesting as the NeoTV PRIME. While I have to question the name (don’t we have enough PRIME devices out there?), their implementation of Google TV did […]

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Sharp Press Conference


Where Panasonic didn’t want to talk display tech, Sharp was all about the advancements they’d made in the last year to make bigger, brighter & better consumer displays. The IGZO process, codeveloped with Corning, is the main driver of this year’s top-of-the-line TVs -which top out at 90″. If that’s too big they are also selling 80, 70 & 60″ […]

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Panasonic Press Conference


Panasonic isn’t known for putting on flashy press conferences, so expectations around the entertainment quality of the demos and product announcements were set appropriately low. Unfortunately even with a low bar there were several disappointments with the TVs announced today, first they aren’t getting any bigger (still maxing out at 65″) and details were very sparse on any of the […]

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2013 CES Press Conference Photo’s

Andrew Van Til(@babgvat), Mike Garcen(@mikegarcen), and Missingremote (@missingremote) twitter feeds were all twittering today with great new from Press Day at CES. They provided with a plethora of photos from various Press Conferences today. Click through for some photo galleries from those events. Sharp     Sharp UltraHD (4k)     Panasonic     Netgear     Check back for more […]

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