Samsung @ CES 2013


I was completely underwhelmed with OLED TVs last year. They consistently suffered from slow pixel response and color bleed, but this year was completely different. There were OLED displays of many sizes, shapes and resolutions at many vendors booths with Samsung boasting some beautiful 4K UHD. Full breakdown after the click. OLED A lot can happen in a year, and […]

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Hisense @ CES 2013


I really wanted to like Hisense when the opportunity to swing by the booth arose. After all, what’s not to like about the promise of huge, cheap TV that very closely mirror Samsung’s outstanding industrial design. Unfortunately, I struggled to find a better case of the “get what you pay for” rule, with some of the lowest quality displays I […]

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Intel @ CES 2013


If it weren’t for the decidely future technology of Intel’s Multiscreen demo, it would definitly be on my shortlist for the most interesting things at CES 2013 because there is something very cool about serving TV content to any device in the house. Click through for a walk through of what we saw from Intel during CES 2013. Multiscreen Powered […]

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ArcSoft @ CES 2013


I saw a few new applications and some cool technology demos at ArcSoft’s booth the most interesting was naturally TotalMedia Theatre 6 (TMT6) for Windows 8 “Metro” UI. Unlike CyberLink’s touch focused player, this player is x86 with ArcSoft waiting to see if RT reaches critical mass before investing in ARM ports of their codec/container technology. There is a version […]

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Mi Casa Verde @ CES 2013

I’ve been really happy with my Mi Casa Vera so I made a point to stop by their booth at CES and check out what was in store for the coming year. As it turns out, quite a bit – with two new products arriving: the Mi Casa Verde VeraPlus and VeraPro. The VeraPlus will replace the existing the somewhat […]

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CyberLink @ CES 2013


It’s always interesting to stop by CyberLink’s suite at CES, they have good demos and I like to know what they’re working on in our space. Unfortunately there isn’t a whole lot that we’re allowed to talk about publicly (yet) so for now it’s just some pictures (on the next page) of their “Metro” version of PowerDVD Mobile for Windows […]

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