Mi Casa Verde @ CES 2013

I’ve been really happy with my Mi Casa Vera so I made a point to stop by their booth at CES and check out what was in store for the coming year. As it turns out, quite a bit – with two new products arriving: the Mi Casa Verde VeraPlus and VeraPro. The VeraPlus will replace the existing the somewhat homely Vera 3 with a design exactly like the VeraLite that we reviewed but with a blue top instead of green. The VeraPro also sports a different color top, this time in black, and is the more interesting of the two since it marks a significant hardware upgrade; moving the line to Sigma Designs’ updated Z-Wave controller coming later this year. To accompany the updated model, the UI will be redesigned and new controller applications will be released for iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

Click through to take a look at the new models.