ArcSoft TotalMedia Theatre 6 “Metro” UI


When Microsoft disabled optical disc drives for media players, I was wondering where applications like TotalMedia Theatre would go – after all, if you’re not shipping a new product every so often it’s difficult to keep the fresh stream of revenue required to keep making bug fixes and adding support for new “protection” schemes. I wasn’t able to see this […]

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SilverStone Prototype NUC Chassis Revealed

Front 34 view (Copy1).jpg

While we saw a bunch of great stuff from SilverStone at CES, one thing they didn’t bring along with them was a chassis solution for Intel’s Next Unit of Computing (NUC). SilverStone just unveiled a prototype to show there is something in the works. By the looks of it, the enclosure sports a passive design with heatsink fins on the […]

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Fractal Design Announces Arc Midi R2


We’ve looked a few of Fractal Design’s full sized (server) chassis and always come away impressed with the build quality, layout, and oodles of space for components and storage. There’s always room for improvement so it’s not surprising that every so often another enclosure joins the mix adding more features. Arc Midi R2 which offers a flexible hard drive configuration […]

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Intel Leaving Retail Motherboard Market


Before I bought my first Intel branded motherboard, a DG45ID, I never understood why anyone would want to pay more for one of their (at that time) homely BIOS’d systems. After owning it, and a slew of subsequent boards, going back to a top-tier Taiwanese brand will be more than a little depressing when Intel stops making consumer motherboards after […]

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Display Rendering Stats in MPC-HC


Every so often I see a question about how we generated the detailed display information used in our HTPC reviews. It’s not hard to setup, but I figured that it was time to document the process in a single, easy to find place. Let’s get started. Necessary Software: DirectX Runtime MPC-HC (I prefer the zip installer-less, version) LAV Filters (optional) […]

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Beta Sign-up Time @ SiliconDust


Unless you’ve been under a rock somewhere, you know that SiliconDust is working on some really slick new features for their HDHR lineup, bringing TV to DLNA devices. We’ll have to wait until the new tuners arrive with hardware H.264 encoding, but if you have a PRIME and want to check ou the DLNA features now with a MPEG2 capable […]

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Ceton – My Media Center


Earlier today a new Windows 8 “Metro” version of Ceton’s suite of applications for managing Windows Media Center joined the existing lineup of Andriod, Windows Phone and iOS companion apps priced at $4.99. As part of this effort they were rebranded from “Ceton Companion Apps” to “My Media Center”. All the great functionality for browsing recordings, managing series and scheduling, […]

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Sharp @ CES 2013


If you want the biggest, brightest LCD that money can buy Sharp has just the thing for you. There are a few lines to choose a 60, 70, 80 or 90″ display from, but don’t expect them to top competative models from other vendors in metrics like picture quality – especially in the 70″+ sizes because as you know, unless […]

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