SilverStone Prototype NUC Chassis Revealed

Front 34 view (Copy1).jpg

While we saw a bunch of great stuff from SilverStone at CES, one thing they didn’t bring along with them was a chassis solution for Intel’s Next Unit of Computing (NUC). SilverStone just unveiled a prototype to show there is something in the works. By the looks of it, the enclosure sports a passive design with heatsink fins on the exterior giving an interesting appearance while exposing more area for cooling. We can’t wait to get one in for review. Check out all the eye candy in the photo gallery after the break.

  • Definately a fan (no pun

    Definately a fan (no pun intended) of the fanless chassis! Do I see dual HDMI? Is that just to make up for the lack of a secondary VGA/DVI thats normally on this kind of board?

    • The Intel D32217GKE NUC board

      The Intel D32217GKE NUC board which is inside the Intel DC3217IYE NUC uses dual HDMI. There’s also a Thunderbolt NUC for those willing to rely purely on wireless networking.

  • I like the look and the very

    I like the look and the very idea of NUC machines with different cases. Let the OEMs compete with designs. We all win in the end.

    One thing though……the NUC is Core i3/i5, and not Atom, correct?