Beta Sign-up Time @ SiliconDust


Unless you’ve been under a rock somewhere, you know that SiliconDust is working on some really slick new features for their HDHR lineup, bringing TV to DLNA devices. We’ll have to wait until the new tuners arrive with hardware H.264 encoding, but if you have a PRIME and want to check ou the DLNA features now with a MPEG2 capable DMR SiliconDust just announced that it’s time to opt into the beta. Go ahead and click through, all the info is on the next page.

Silicondust USA, Inc. announces DLNA Live TV Digital Media Server (DMS)


Project:Connect beta – HDHomeRun® Prime users to have DLNA support

The SiliconDust team is happy to announce the first Project:Connect  beta release.  Head over the and sign up. A valid email address and HDHomeRun® Prime (HDHR3-CC) device ID is required.

Key Features:

  • Serve live content to MPEG2 capable DLNA/UPnP renders.
  • Serve live copy-protected content to DTCP-IP certified renders.

Beta users will utilize the standard DLNA UI offered on devices; we encourage productive feedback. As a part of Project:Connect, we will be enhancing the User Experience based on our roadmap and your productive feedback. We are extremely interested in your likes, dislikes, and feature requests. Connect with the HDHomeRun® community via the Project:Connect forum:


  • is there a list of devices

    is there a list of devices that support this?  i’d love to give the beta test a go but i don’t have a PS3 and i haven’t heard of any other devices that could be used with DTCP-IP.

    if i can’t access copy protected channels this will be useless.

    Any ideas?

    • Currently the PS3 is the only

      Currently the PS3 is the only DCTP-IP enabled device. You might be able to get it to work with CyberLink PowerDVD 12 though, it also implements DCTP-IP.

  • I don’t know about DTCP-IP

    I don’t know about DTCP-IP devices, but you can find out if your device is DLNA capable here:

  • Thanks for the heads up

    Thanks for the heads up guys.  This feature is of no use to me unless i can tune cable with a Surface or use an openelecXBMC box with it as a spare STB.

    I wasn’t going to give up the Ceton + Echo & Xbox extenders setup but i was hoping to get more utility out of the HDHomerun Prime than just a once in a while tuner for my laptop.


    • SD demo’d a Metro app at CES.

      SD demo’d a Metro app at CES. Not sure when it’s coming though.

      • Good to know, thanks

        Good to know, thanks Andrew!

        Like i said I just want to get more use out of my HDHomeRun prime.  SInce i got the Echo I decommisioned the fusion ITX box I was using on the bedroom. thus the only PC using the Prime is my laptop which isn’t used often for tv sans baseball season.

        So if the prime will work with a Surface or maybe if i turned the fusion ITX into an openElec XBMC unit it might see some utility.

  • I’d like to add that silicon

    I’d like to add that silicon dust finally updated their official F/W and I am using that. So far the “Tuner Not Available” errors of the 04052012 F/W have not reared their ugly heads and this F/W seems to be very smooth indeed.

    Thank You Nick and Jason at SD for this long needed update!